• Set of (6) US 8VGC XC2
  • Voltage - 8-Volt DC
  • Amp/Hr Rating - 170
  • Warranty - 2 year free replacement
  • Price is with exchange or core fee will be charged at time of pickup.



  • Lester Summit Series II 650W
  • Compatible with both 36V/18A and 48V/13.5A
  • On-board mounting
  • Lightweight and best-in-class efficiency
  • Bluetooth and cloud connectivity to view charge cycle status, select active battery profile, upload new profiles, download charge history records, etc
  • 48 month limited warranty
  • Click here for additional technical specifications.

US 8VGC XC2/Charger Combo (ELK-BS)

  • Unless prior arrangements have been made, batteries and charger are to be picked up at our vendor's distribution center during normal business hours. After your order has been processed, you will receive email instructions on how to arrange pickup. Customer is responsible for supplying equal core batteries or paying a core charge at the time of pickup.

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